Alaska sunset
Travel by Year
Sunken sailboat off coast of Maui
2000 -- There were three trips this year with photos:
2001 -- Took a cruise this year, but also went to Oklahoma for a short trip, a few states in New England, a short trip to Florida and a Christmas trip to Illinois:
2002 -- Some fun trips this year were to Green Bay to see the Packers play (Go Pack Go!), Arizona / Nevada, San Diego (zoo and Sea World), North Carolina, and Tulsa, Oklahoma
2003 -- Hit 6 states and DC in one loop in the mid-Atlantic; also a trip to Arkansas and New Mexico.
2004 -- Trips included Indiana / Kentucky; South Carolina (Myrtle Beach); and Washington, D.C.
2005 -- I started the year with a trip to Boston for business.
2006 --

2007 -- A couple of trips: Seattle for ALISE and Colorado Springs for a conference and touring


2008 -- A conference in Philadelphia started the year off. After that, only a couple of other trips this year.


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