Kansas ~ Nebraska ~ Iowa
July 16, 2000
Omaha, Nebraska
When I decided to visit Omaha, I knew that one place I would have to go is the zoo. I grew up watching "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom," so this was a way of connecting with my past.
Omaha Zoo
They had some good exhibit areas and lots of animals. The rope bridge below was very popular.
Rope bridge at zoo
Below are a few of the animals at the zoo.
Animals at the zoo
The waterfall created an interesting picture.
Zoo waterfall
This little fellow was born March 13, 200 (about 3 months before my visit).
Baby Tiger at zoo
Seeing penguins and a giraffe together is not an everyday sight for me, so I thought the combination to be very interesting -- these penguins are the warm-weather species, so actually they do go together.
Penguins and giraffe
Leaving Nebraska I drove to Clive, Iowa (a suburb of Des Moine) to see some friends.
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