Teddy Roosevelt National Park
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
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July 21, 2005
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota
I had stayed overnight in Dickinson, ND, because I couldn't get a room in Medora. So, this morning, I had to backtrack about 30 minutes to get to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It was well worth the time.

I began at the Theodore Roosevelt cabin at the entrance to the park. The sign below is actually from the rest stop at the Painted Canyon section.

Teddy Roosevelt Cabin
After the tour, I took the 36-mile loop in the southern part of the park. I met many of the "residents" along the way. The first I came across was this Prairie Dog and what looked like hundreds of his extended family with all their accompanying holes.
Prairie Dog
Below are a couple of buffaloes who were fighting. It appears that one male was questioning the dominance of another.
Buffaloes fighting
Finally, while I was walking along one of the paths, I came across the little critter below. Fortunately, I had read that there was only one variety of poisonous snake in the park and it is a rattler. This little fellow had no rattles, so I knew he was (at least mostly) harmless. I carefully avoided him anyway.
Here are some other shots from the park. It really is quite beautiful.
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
This photo was taken along the trail that I mentioned above. The park is quite diverse in its scenery.
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
I was surprised to see cactus. I figured it was too cold in the winter for it. There were several varieties.
Cactus at the TRNP
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