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Clearwater, Florida
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September 1, 2001 (*)
Clearwater, Florida
This was a quick trip to Clearwater, although we took one day to go to Sea World in Orlando (see below).

Our first jaunt out of Clearwater was on Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise. It was a nice evening trip in the bay.

Captain Memo's pirate cruise
The sunsets from Clearwater Beach were pretty good.
Sunset off of Clearwater Beach
Below is part of the beach and the location of the hotel where I stayed.
Clearwater beach
September 2, 2001
Sea World, Orlando, Florida
Day 2 was a day at Sea World. They have many sea animals. The first encounter was with stingrays. This is a beautiful albino stingray.
Albino Stingray
They also have a wonderful dolphin pond. The dolphins sometimes will get close enough to pet.
Sea World dolphin
And, of course, a Florida regular -- manatees.
The main attraction is their killer whales. (Click on the image to see a short movie -- 4MB.)
Killer whale (Orca); click on image for 4mb video
One of their shows features sea lions, a walrus and a sea otter.
Sea Lions
Sea Otter
In the penquin house, I was amused at this particular fellow. Notice the pile of "snow" around him. He staked out this place for himself and is letting the manufactured snow fall on his head. (Click on the image for a short video -- 1.5MB)
Penquin house; click for 1.5mb video
Another of their shows features dolphins and what are called "false killer whales." (Click image for a short video -- 1.7MB.)
Dolphin show which includes
Images from their ski show are below.
Ski show
Ski show
September 3, 2001
Clearwater, Florida
On our last day in Clearwater, we took another trip out into the Gulf to look for Dolphins. And voila, we found them!
At the end of the trip, they bring out bread to feed the Sea Gulls.
Feeding Sea Gulls
(*) I am not sure of the date. I know it was the Labor Day weekend and I believe the trip was Saturday through Monday, but I am not sure. (I am re-doing these pages seven years after I took the trip, so I cannot recall.)
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