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Plymouth, Massachusetts
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June 17, 2001
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Yes, it's hard to believe coming from Texas, but I'm in my third state on the same day! This evening I stopped first in Middleboro to see the church started by Isaac Backus. He is buried just down the road from that church, but I didn't know exactly where so I passed on that grave for now. Next stop was Plymouth and the National Monument to the Forefathers. It's a wonderful monument with a great amount of detail. I want to find out more about who created it and the thought that went into it. (This photo was taken the next day because the one I took that evening had the sun behind it and thus turned out very dark.)
National Monument to the Forefathers
June 18, 2001
The morning was devoted to walking around the Plymouth harbor area. Below is a photo of the burial ground used by the Pilgrims and those who came after them. William Bradford and others are buried here. This area was also the location of their first fort. It has an excellent view of the harbor and the surrounding area.
Burial hill
This is a replica of the Mayflower that was constructed in 1958. They say that no one knows exactly what the Mayflower looked like, but they used entries from seamen's logs to formulate what they think it looked like. Plymouth rock is located near where I took this photo. They have the rock lowered into a kind of pit in order to keep people from chipping away on it.
Mayflower II
One of the best parts of this trip was a whale watching excursion I took. The company I went with has a 99% success rate in seeing whales since 1977 and this trip did not disappoint. We saw Minke, Finback, and (below) Humpback whales. This particular humpback is named "Sockeye." He has a terrible underbite and I think that is how he acquired his name. Additionally we had a Basking Shark swim in front of our boat for a bit (I guess he was hoping someone would fall in), and quite a number of Bluefish in the area as well.
Whale watching boat
Sockeye the Humpback whale
Sockeye's tail
Next stop was back to Providence, RI. Click here to go back to the Rhode Island page.

I also visited Boston later on a business trip.

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