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Washington ~ Alaska home ~ Juneau ~ Skagway ~ Glacier Bay ~ Ketchikan ~ IFL Cruise ~ Oregon
July 30, 2001
Alaska Cruise
My second day was devoted mainly to travel and getting settled on board the cruise ship. I left Seattle Monday morning on a bus chartered by Holland America which took a group of us to Vancouver. Once there, we checked in and boarded the ms Volendam. At 5:35pm, we "let go all lines" and headed off on our adventure.
July 31, 2001
Alaska Cruise
Tuesday was a day for sea travel. We got accustomed to the ship and began our conference. (The cruise was a "cruise/conference" with Chuck Swindoll, Buddy Greene, Nielson & Young, and Dick and Mel Tunney. Click on "IFL Cruise" above to read about it.)
These are a couple of general pictures from the trip. Below is a photo of a sunset after we left Skagway, AK on our way to Glacier Bay.
Alaska Sunset
One of the few disappointments on my trip was that I didn't see a lot of Orcas (Killer Whales). I saw a few but none really were "breaching" -- going above the water. A couple did, but too quickly to get a picture.
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