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Ketchikan, Alaska
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August 4, 2000
Ketchikan, Alaska
Our last port was Ketchikan.
Ketchikan, Alaska
Ketchikan, Alaska (2)
In the hopes of seeing Orcas, I took an "Orca Beach Nature Walk" excursion. The name turned out to be a location rather than species that would be seen. The trip was still fun, though. We saw eagles and their nests.
Bald Eagle
Eagle nest
After we left the nature walk island, our boat captain took us out to a rock island in the bay. There we had a dozen or so seals laying out on the "beach."
Seals on rock island
Seals on rock island
Heading back from the seal island we came across this "loner." He or she seemed to be posing for us -- or maybe his mother told him not to get his feet wet!
After we left Ketchikan, our next day was at sea. We arrived back in Vancouver on Monday morning. After disembarking, I caught the bus back to Seattle and continued my trip in Washington state. Click here to continue with the trip.
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