Space Needle
Seattle, Washington
Seattle Harbor
January 17, 2007
Seattle, Washington
I was in Seattle for a conference, but I always manage to see a few things. I took a little boat trip around from Lake Union into Puget Sound and back to the docks in Seattle. One of the first sights in Lake Union are the floating houses. This one was used for Sleepless in Seattle. I like the one below that.
House used for Sleepless in Seattle
Floating House
Below is a sea plane taking off beside us.
On our trip out to Puget Sound, we pass under a draw bridge and then through the locks -- below.
First, the level when we entered the locks; then, just as we are leaving.
High level
Low level
Below are some photos from the Puget Sound.
Boat in harbor
Seattle Harbor
Lighthouse on harbor
And, here is the Seattle skyline from the harbor.
Seattle Skyline
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