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Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens
Myrtle Beach ~ Amusements ~ Boat Ride ~ Brookgreen Gardens
August 10, 2004
Brookgreen Gardens
Brookgreen Gardens was formerly a rice plantation before the Civil War. Afterward, it was too expensive to keep up. Eventually a wealthy couple bought the land and turned it into a combination sculpture garden and botanic garden. The combination below was my favorite. Below that are two more.
Flutist statue at Brookgreen Gardens
Fountains at Brookgreen Gardens
Brookgreen gardens leopard statue
Below are the oak walk and an interesting sculpture. As you walk up on him ... or it ... you think it is someone reading on a bench.
Oak Walk at Brookgreen Gardens
Man reading statue at Brookgreen Gardens
On this lake, you need more than this sculpture to watch out for you. On the other side there are signs that say, "For your own safety do not feed the alligators, turtles, or fish." That's really dangerous when the fish might hurt you, much less the killer turtles. ;-)
Statue at pond in Brookgreen Gardens
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