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Cabrillo Lighthouse
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January 31-February 3, 2005
San Diego, California
My first day there, I went to Sunset Cliffs to check out the sunset. The coastline (below) is quite scenic. Below that are two pictures I took of the sunset. On my first trip, the sunset was obscurred by the "marine layer." No marine layer this time!
Sunset Cliffs
San Diego sunset
San Diego sunset
One place I didn't get to visit last trip was the Cabrillo National Monument. It commemorates the exploration of the west coast by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1543. There's a wonderful view in all directions. Below is the monument (with the Hotel del Coronado in the background). Below that is a view of the harbor from the monument area.
Cabrillo monument
View of harbor from Cabrillo monument
This area is the highest spot near the harbor so it was perfect for a lighthouse. However, the first lighthouse they built (on the top of the point) was too high. It was above the fog many times and could not be seen until it was too late. Below are a couple of views of the new lighthouse they built closer to the water. They also told us that the buildings around the lighthouse were used for the movie Top Gun (below, right).
Point Lloma lighthouse
Lighthouse from Cabrillo monument
From the tidal pool area, I got a picture of this surfer.
Though I didn't do new pages for the zoo, I did visit it. Here's a picture of the second baby panda born there. It's about 18 months old in this picture.
Baby Panda
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