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Lake Mead / Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam
Las Vegas ~ Grand Canyon ~ Lake Mead / Hoover Dam
May 29, 2002
Lake Mead / Hoover Dam, Arizona / Nevada
Nevada and Arizona share a couple of interesting places to visit -- Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.
Lake Mead
Hoover Dam
I went on a cruise on the lake in a paddlewheeler (the sister ship to the one below), but I would have preferred the type of trip in the first picture. Below, note the "ring" around the lake. The water level was a bit low -- about 7 feet, but the major part of the ring was formed in 1983 when the lake level rose to flood stage and the spillway had to be used to release water downstream. The dam was built partly to control flooding downstream. In 1983, there were some minor problems, but not as bad as if the dam had not been there.
Sailboat on Lake Mead
Paddleboat on Lake Mead
On the boat, there was an interesting sign. As I contemplated the wording I said to myself, "If there's an emergency, I'm not waiting to go through this gate -- I'll take off over the rail."
Sign on boat
This is the view of the dam from the lake.
Hoover Dam from Lake Mead
Once the water passed through the turbines, it continues on down the river.
Down the river from Hoover Dam
The force of the water turns the generators and produces electricity. These are nine of the seventeen generators at the dam -- these are on the Nevada side.
Generators in Hoover Dam
There actually is seepage of water through the rock around the dam. They use the word seepage, carefully avoiding the "l" word -- "leak".
Seepage in Hoover Dam
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