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Canyon of the Eagles

I had not realized it before hearing from someone that Bald Eagles nest on a river northwest of Burnet, Texas. These pictures are from a boat trip I took up the Colorado River from the north end of lake Buchanan.

What we were looking for we found. A picture is to the right.

We started out from the north end of the lake (below) and headed up the Colorado River from there (below, right).

Bald Eagle
North end of Lake Buchanan
Up the Colorado River
Near the north end of the lake is a formation created by a river flowing into the lake off a cliff. It creates a beautiful waterfall when more water is flowing.

As you travel up the river, you'll see some other interesting formations created by water flowing down into the river. There's supposed to be a face in the formation to the right. Another one from the river is below.

Formation with face
Other formation
Along the way you'll see some other interesting things like the tree (below, left) and cactus (below, right).
There's a smaller waterfall up the river too.
Small waterfall
Blue Heron
And some animals other than eagles along the way: a Blue Heron (left); a goat (below, left) and some cows from one of the ranches (below, right).


And, one last shot from the south end of the lake at the dam. It's a beautiful lake and a nice trip. I'd like to go back sometime. (Which I did -- see link for 2007 trip above.)
From the dam