The "Tar Heel" State
2002 ~ 2006
June 2006
Greensboro, North Carolina
My second trip to North Carolina was for the Southern Baptist Convention in June 2006. Two highlights were: (1) seeing Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State and (2) seeing the unveiling of the Billy Graham statue. Cliff Barrows and Billy Graham's grandson (a Baptist pastor in North Carolina) were on hand for the unveiling.
Condoleezza Rice
Billy Graham Statue
Cliff Barrows and William Graham
After the convention, I drove to Charlotte to fly home. On the way I stopped at the North Carolina Zoo and an aviation museum. First, the zoo. The lake below is near the entrance. Below that is one of their Polar Bears and a couple of their cool cats.
Lake at NC Zoo
Polar Bear
Big cats
They had a nice seal exhibit too.
Many zoos have very nice landscaping. The North Carolina Zoo is one of them.
Purple flowers
Pink flower
The North Carolina Aviation Museum was my last stop before the airport. First is their Piper J-3 Cub (the "Flitfire"). Below that is their BT-13 Valiant and their "Stearman" -- a training aircraft used in the 1940s.
The two below are the Cessna L-19 "Bird Dog" (used to hunt out enemy positions) and their B-25 Mitchell Bomber, the "Carolina Girl."
Bird Dog
Mitchell Bomber
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